Innovations on

Innovations on

The attentive reader should have noticed and asked himself, 'Something is wrong here'. While we can unreservedly agree with his first observation, we unfortunately have to reject the conclusions - everything is fine!

The version internally known as CB 2.5 is an evolutionary step that has been planned for a long time Steffen has been working for the last few weeks and months. In addition to a whole series of revisions, most of which were made through reader feedback, a range of innovations have also found their way on

Certainly the most striking, albeit unspectacular, novelty is the new font In the past, many readers had negative comments about the somewhat smaller font on The most important revisions and innovations also include:

  • Download archive revised (drivers now sorted by version number).
  • Printing of articles now possible. Links are listed separately at the end.
  • Articles can be listed by type or product
  • Article summary graphically revised
  • Revised and optimized search function.
  • Multiple choices are possible for the answers to a survey.
  • Top news are highlighted in related news.
  • Hardware top rankings in the article area
  • DatenGrabber for easy transfer of content.

We want to briefly mention a few points go into more detail. Before that, maybe a hint that, for example, the overview of the entire article can now be accessed via the superordinate menu item 'Article', the complete download view via the orange menu item 'Download'. The top ranking overview is also without question a major development in the article area. From now on it allows a simple overview of allProducts tested by us in the respective categories. In contrast to the old view, the individual evaluation criteria are now clearly presented.

A very special treat is hidden behind the term ' data server ' in the imprint. Using this script, it is possible for every visitor to generate a code which then automatically integrates news or article content on their own website.

So much for an initial overview of the external changes on We hope to have pushed the site further with this step and we look forward to your feedback!