InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A

InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A

Conclusion BD-7300D

Overall, the mainboard convinced us during the test phase. Although the speed does not quite come close to that of the 8KHA +, it is also on a high level with excellent stability. We were particularly impressed by the scope of delivery, to which InnoBD included a large amount of software input. The additional thermal diode rounds off the package. And the documentation can safely count itself among the better third of the industry. We are also rather positive about the bios. The settings for overclocking paired with the DipSwitches on the board are perfectly adequate and the RAM timings can also be manipulated in many ways. The generally well-intentioned 'auto overclocking' is more negative. Unfortunately, we did not find this function useful in our test. But overall we remember the BD-7300D as a rock solid board with an exemplary additional package that a potential KT266A buyer should take a closer look at.

For questions, that's the same as always Forum responsible.

Inno3D BD-7300D
  • Scope of delivery
  • Documentation
  • Overclocking possibilities
  • Stability
  • Speed ​​not quite top level
  • CNR instead of 6th PCI slot

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