InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A

InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A

Scope of delivery and documentation

The scope of delivery of the graphics cards from InnoVISION had been usable in the past This was more than a positive surprise over and over again and so we were curious to see how things are going with the encores at the InnoBD mainboard label. And it can rightly be said that we were not disappointed. In addition to the usual hardware extras such as an ATA33 and an ATA66/100/133 cable and a USB port slot bracket for ports 3-4, the software package in particular turned out to be generous. Full versions of Partition Magic 6.0 SE, PC-Cillin 2000 (XP support only with English installation version) and Drive Image 4.0 are more likely to be considered luxury equipment than the shareware CDs that are usually included. As a further extra, InnoBD has added an additional temperature sensor to the mainboard, which can be placed anywhere in the housing and accessed via the BIOS. The rough monitoring of the chipset, graphics card or ram temperature is no longer a problem.

  • BD-7300D
  • 1x ATA66/100 cable
  • 1xATA33 cable
  • USB slot bracket
  • Manual
  • Software manual
  • Temperature sensor
  • PowerQuest partition Magic 6.0SE
  • PowerQuest DriveImage 4.0
  • PC-Cillin 2000
Scope of delivery
InnoBD BD-7300D with KT266A
InnoBD BD-7300D with KT266A
InnoBD BD-7300D with KT266A

The documentation also makes one more than neat en impression. Both manuals are written in clean English and contain all relevant information in an understandable and well-illustrated form. While the first manual deals with the hardware installation and the BIOS setup, the second booklet explains the software included. Not only the installation but also the usage (creating an image, partitioning etc.) is discussed.

InnoBD BD-7300D with KT266A


InnoBD BD-7300D

  • Form factor
    • Socket A ATX (30.5cm x 22.0cm)
  • Processor
    • Supports AMD Athlon (XP) and Duron
    • Automatic CPU detection
    • 200/266MHz system bus
  • Chipset
    • Designation: VIA KT266A
    • Northbridge: VIA VT8366A (actively cooled)
    • Southbridge: VIAVT8233A
  • RAM
    • 3x 184 pin DIMMS (DDR RAM)
    • Supports PC1600/2100 DDR RAM with 2.5V
    • Maximum memory size: 3GB
  • Expansion slots
    • 1x AGP Pro 4x slot
    • 5x 32 bit PCI slots
    • 1x CNR slot
    • 4x fan connections (monitor-compatible)
    • 2 IDE ports (UDMA 33/66/100)
  • External connections
    • 1x parallel port
    • 2x serial ports
    • 6 USB ports (2x internal, 2x via slot cover, 2x optional)
    • 1x Game Port
    • 1x Microphone in
    • 1x Line in
    • 1x Line Out
  • Bios
    • 2MBit Award Bios
    • Multiplier can be manipulated on board (5.5-14)
    • Front side bus can be manipulated in 1MHz steps in the Bios (100-200MHz )
    • CPU voltage adjustable in the BIOS (1.10-1.85V)
    • V Dim voltage adjustable on board (2.5-2.7V))
    • AGP voltage selectable on board (1.5V-1.7V)
  • Special features
    • Temperature diode
  • Other Fu nctions
    • Keyboard Power-On, Suspend To RAM
    • Wake-On-LAN, Wake-On-Modem

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