InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A

InnoDB BD-7300 D in the test: Market entry with VIA KT266A


InnoBD BD-7300D with KT266A

InnoVISION should be known to many of our readers, not least because of the numerous reviews of their graphics cards, which have always been positively rated and which are sold under the Inno3D label. For some time now, mainboards have also been offered on the market under the new InnoBD label. With the BD-7300D we received a board with the established and probably unbeatable Socket A DDR266 chipset, the VIA KT266A. In this review, we tried to find out how the board could fare against the chipset-internal competition EPoX 8KHA + as well as the nForce415-D (Asus A7N266-C). We would like to take this opportunity to thank InnoVISION for this test position.

The chipset: KT266A (2)?/h2>

In the past, there has already been enough reports on the KT266A on our site, so that we want to save a detailed explanation of the features at this point. However, this is differentChipset team of the BD-7300D then a bit different from the application variants on 8KHA +, A7V266-E and Co. Although the Northbridge VT8366A, which is so badly important for the speed, is used here as well, the Southbridge originally developed for the KT266 (A) However, VT8233 has been replaced by the latest variant, VT8233A. However, almost all manufacturers who jumped on the KT266A bandwagon very late have taken this step. Thanks to this slight upgrade, the BD-7300D can handle two Ultra-ATA133 EIDE channels and is therefore ideally equipped for the next generation of hard drives.

The north and south bridges in comparison
Comparison point SiS735 AMD760 KT266A MAGiK 1 nForce415-D Supported CPUs (AMD) Duron Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Athlon (XP) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Socket Socket A Socket A Socket A Socket A Socket A CPU Front Side Bus 200/266 MHz 200/266 MHz 200/266 MHz 200/266MHz 200/266MHz Memory type DDR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SDR Yes - Yes Yes - RAM clock SDR 100/133MHz Yes/Yes - Yes/Yes Yes/Yes - DDR 200/266MHz Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes 128Bit operation No No No No Yes Asynchronous operation Yes No Yes Yes Yes Maximum memory configuration 1.5 GB 4 GB 4 GB 3 GB 3 GB DIMM slots 3 (6 banks) 4 (8 banks) 4 (8 banks) 3 (6 banks) 3 (6 banks) AGP 2x/4x Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Extras I/O Link (1GB/s) Super Bypass V-Link (266MB/s) - - PCI slots 6 6 6 5 6 ISA bus - Yes - - - ATA 33/66/100 33/66/100 33/66/100/(133 withVT8233A) 33/66/100 33/66/100 USB ports 6 4 6 6 6 Integrated modem solution Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Integrated sound solution Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes AMR/CNR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lan Yes - Yes - Yes

Otherwise, the hardware on paper offers the same technology as the 'original KT266A'. We have already extensively examined its features in our EPoX 8KHA + Review .

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