InnoAX Q-cute MP3 player

InnoAX Q-cute MP3 player

The Q-cute MP3 player from InnoAX is a handy, energy-efficient device based on flash memory. With either 64 or 128MB flash memory you can enjoy around 7 hours of music with one AAA cell.

The device, which weighs just 35 grams and measures 63x44x24mm (without battery!), Also comes with a Nokia-compatible jack plug So that calls can also be recorded using the integrated recording function.

The Q-cute Player , which can be purchased for just under € 80 (for the 64MB version), can be connected via a normal USB 1.1 port.

In the first quarter of 2003, InnoAX will also be offering an MP3 player with an integrated hard drive (5-10GB). Unfortunately, details have not yet been determined.