Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 in the test: What does the little brother of the GeForce 3 do?

Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 in the test: What does the little brother of the GeForce 3 do?



At Nvidia it is now nothing new that one graphics chip can cover as many market segments as only possible abdec and therefore produces many different versions of a graphics chip. Of course, there is also a “slimmed-down” version of the GeForce3, the GeForce3 Ti200, which, thanks to its lower price, should encourage more users to buy than the more expensive GeForce3 or even the GeForce3 Ti500.

To clarify the sense or nonsense of such a chip and to classify its performance in comparison to a normal GeForce3 and the fastest chips of the GeForce2 family, we took a closer look at the Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 from Inno3D. Thanks again to Inno3D, who kindly provided us with a test copy of their new graphics card.

Scope of delivery

As is now common with Inno3D, the customer no longer only receives the graphics card, but a lot more. Since our test copy is a version with TV-Out and MegaPack software bundleThe Universal Driver CD, which is typical for Inno3D, is once again included, on which, in addition to the Colorific, 3Deep, Printerfic and True Internet Color products, which also come with a ColorKey in the packaging, of course the latest drivers for all operating systems, DirectX 7 and 8 as well as the 3DMark 2000 and the Resultbrowser2000. The supplied Detonator drivers are the official version 21.83. Older drivers in version 12.00 and 6.49 are also still on the CD in case some users are not satisfied with the new drivers. Unfortunately, this again reveals a small point of criticism of the CD, as we had to find out when we reviewed the Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 Ti. If you insert the CD, it starts automatically, but only offers the drivers for Windows 9x in the menu, although drivers for Windows XP, 2000 and NT can also be found on the CD. Under Windows XP, NT and 2000 you have to install the drivers manually.

But that's not all that Inno3D delivers with the Tornado GeForce3 Ti2000. The MegaPack software bundle also includes WinDVD 2000 v3.0, Ulead PhotoImpact 5, Inno Creation Media Gallery and a limited edition of Incoming Forces: Deliverance especially for Inno3D. The TV-out cable is particularly positive. In addition to the actual TV-out to video-in cable, which is only 10cm long and would therefore never be sufficient for connection to a television, the graphics card also comes with an extension cable so that the customer does not have to pay additional costs for such a cable is loaded. The package also includes the well-known InnoVision mouse pad.

Partly missing on other Inno3D cards with the Tornado GeForce2 Ti but also in the package, the new card is also accompanied by a manual. It's only in English, but there isInformation about the structure of the graphics cards, the driver installation, the features of the graphics cards, the system requirements and the installation of the graphics cards. This is the manual that we know, which was also included with the Geforce2 Ti, since the manual, as already mentioned in the review at the time, includes both the GeForce2 Ti, GeForce3/Ti200 and Ti500. All graphics cards are printed with images and the individual components are clearly labeled.

Graka4 -alles

When designing the map, Inno3D back to a chic black and luckily it didn't stick to the reference design from Nvidia. Nvidia does not provide active cooling for the GeForce3 Ti200, nor does it provide any cooling for the RAM components. The Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 has both. This is not about a stripped down cooler, but a modified Blue Orb, as it is also used in the GeForce3 from Inno3D. The very smooth running with good cooling performance is once again positive. The 4ns fast 64MB DDR-RAM are distributed over eight memory modules and only attached to the top of the graphics card. The RAM modules are cooled by visually appealing blue heat sinks that perfectly match the card.

How well this memory and the GeForce3 Ti200 chip can be overclocked will be clarified later in the review. At least the technical specifications and the good cooling of the graphics card give us hope for a lot. There is nothing in terms of the processing of the graphics cardto complain, like Inno3D it is always flawless.


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