Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 in the test: GeForce 3 against Geforce2 Ultra

Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 in the test: GeForce 3 against Geforce2 Ultra


Since the 3DMark2001, like the 3DMark2000, is a purely synthetic benchmark, it also says relatively little about the expected game performance, as some graphics functions are integrated there that are not used by any currently available game. The 3DMark2001 builds on the features of DirectX 8.0 and is optimized for GeForce3 and Pentium systems, so that the GeForce 3 should clearly dominate in terms of 3DMarks.

3DMark 2001 16 bit

It is not only noticeable that the Geforce3 is a lot faster than the Geforce2 Ultra with 35-49%, but also the overall performance with her less with increasing resolutiondecreases. From this one could conclude that future games, which are based on DirectX 8.0, will give the Geforce3 a huge performance boost. However, rumors keep popping up that the GF3 tests are calculated with 0 points for the other cards and that the Geforce3 therefore receives so many points. No sooner said than done, even if you omit the GF3 tests and thus rely on the theoretical level of the GF2 Ultra, it still scores around 12% more points on average than the GF2 Ultra.

3DMark 2001 32 bit

Even with 16-bit color depth, the result is no different, only with resolutions above 1024x76x32 the performance difference between the two cards is reduced, which suggests that the Geforce3 is a lot faster, especially in the 32-bit range p> On the next page: Unreal Tournament (utbench)