Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 in the test: GeForce 3 against Geforce2 Ultra

Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 in the test: GeForce 3 against Geforce2 Ultra

New Features

nVidia has given the Geforce3 some new features that provide new visual effects. Most of them are for DirectX 8, which raises the question of whether DirectX 8 was adapted to GeForce3 or vice versa. The Geforce3 is the only available graphics card that supports DirectX 8.0 in terms of hardware. Below are some screenshots of the DirectX8 game Aquanox.

nfiniteFX Engine

Probably the most outstanding new development of the GeForce3 is the nfiniteFX engine. Game developers can really let off steam with it, because they no longer have to select the effects from a spectrum of given effects, but can now create their own graphic operation combinations and thus create their own effects, which gives the game an individual touchconfers. The combination of programmable vertex and pixel shaders enables the nfiniteFX engine to conjure up previously unknown realistic effects on the screen.

Vertex Shader

The Vertex Shader unit of the GeForce3 replaces the T&L unit when it is used and is in contrast to the T&L unit of the GeForce2, which could not calculate any polygon operations itself, but the triangles only in space placed, programmable. This means that, for the first time, game developers can run their own programs on the GPU without putting a load on the CPU. This means that objects can be rotated, squeezed or distorted without affecting the CPU. For example, facial features and movements of characters can be represented much more realistically and finely than before. This can best be demonstrated using the example of the Zoltar demo. It shows a kind of oriental magician who utters a few sayings at the push of a button and lets his facial expressions play properly. The details are extremely high and the movements are fantastic. One can imagine how the vertex shader unit will be used in future games. If our screenshots are not enough for you and if you don't own a Geforce3, you can download the Zoltar demo as a short film from nVidia .

Another nice demo that shows the possibilities of nFinite FX Engine demonstrated is the Chameleon Demo: Here you can see a Chameleon running along a branch and constantly changing its surface.

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