Inno3D Tornado GeForce 2 Ultra in the test: Price drop of the GeForce 2

Inno3D Tornado GeForce 2 Ultra in the test: Price drop of the GeForce 2


Since the 3DMark2001, like 3DMark2000, is a purely synthetic benchmark, it also says relatively little about the expected game performance, as some graphics functions have been integrated there that are not used by any game currently available. The 3DMark2001 builds on the features of DirectX 8.0 and is optimized for GeForce3 and Pentium systems, so that the GeForce2 Ultra does not have a huge difference to the GeForce 256 DDR.

3DMark 2001
Unit: Points
  • 32Bit:
    • GeForce2 Ultra
    • Asus V6800

As you can easily see, the GeForce2 Ultra is around 41% faster than the somewhat older Asus V6800. After the Q3 and UT benchmarks, one could certainly have expected more here. A simple GeForce3 would achieve significantly more 3DMarks here.

Vulpine GLMark

The GLMark was developed by the German software company Vulpine and, like 3DMark2000 and 3DMark2001, is a purely synthetic benchmark for DirectX for OpenGL. The benchmark is highly complex and can already use some of the new GeForce3 features. The comparison of the twoCards to each other is not entirely fair here, since the options Vertex Array Range and OpenGL cannot be used at the same time with the GeForce256 cards in this benchmark. The test was carried out with maximum details in the Advanced Features mode in 32-bit color depth with a resolution of 1024x768.

GLMark 1024x768x32
  • Average FPS:
    • GeForce2 Ultra
    • Asus V6800
  • Min FPS:
    • GeForce2 Ultra
    • Asus V6800
  • Max FPS:
    • GeForce2 Ultra
    • Asus V6800

As expected, the differences are huge, not only that for the first time you can run the benchmark with the Gerforce2 Ultra and that , although the GeForce2 Ultra is already at the lower limit. The Asus V6800 only achieves an average of 20 or 19 fps here. While the Ultra is clearly higher at 51 fps with 150%, the GeForce2 Ultra is even 200% higher at the maximum and just under 130% at the minimum.

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