Inno3D introduces Ti4200 with nV28

Inno3D introduces Ti4200 with nV28

The Inno3D division of Innovision Multimedia has now also announced a version of the GF4 Ti4200 with nVidia's nV28 chip. According to the AGP 3.0 standard, this supports a transfer rate of AGP 8x, thus up to 2.1GB/sec and thus doubles the width of the connection compared to AGP 4x.

To what extent this brings advantages in normal operation is an open question , since AGP 4x could hardly distance itself from AGP 2x in terms of the real performance achieved ...

What is interesting about AGP3.0 (not to be confused with AGP 8x, that is only part of the specification!) is also that in principle the use of several AGP ports per system is possible, so that one can possibly plan for the future and if so, one of the newer Ti4200 cards should be considered.

The clock rates of the Inno3D GeForce4 Ti4200 AGPx8 should remain unchanged compared to the AGP 4x model and continue to be 250MHz for the nV28 chip and 256MHz for the optionally 64 or 128MB DDR-RAM, so that the customer apart from a chip from the new, more mature series, with de Since one or the other little thing in the manufacturing process has been improved (for the overclockers among our readers ...), not much new should be expected. The software bundle with the racing game Ballistics, the video editing software PowerDirector and the WinDVD player remains extensive as usual.

Innovision Germany also informed us that the ViVo edition can be obtained from dealers on request, such as MB-IT will be available from the end of November, the prices are not yet known.

GeForce4 Ti4200 AGPx8 ViVo
GeForce4 Ti4200 AGPx8