Infineon shows 2 GByte memory modules

Infineon shows 2 GByte memory modules

Infineon presents the first development samples of 1 GByte DIMMs in unbuffered design, as well as the first functional samples of 2 GByte modules in register design. The 1 GByte memory modules are designed for high-performance PCs, while the 2 GByte DIMMs are aimed at applications in server environments.

The 512 Mbit memory components used in these memory modules are the first available solution with only one silicon memory chip in a TSOP II housing, while conventional module solutions are built with memories that integrate two chips in one housing. This results in better signal integrity, lower power consumption and higher reliability. The unbuffered 1 GB module is made up of 18 chips with 512 Mbit each and configured to 64 M x 8. The 2 GB DIMM in register design uses 36 of the 512 Mbit chips and is organized at 256 M x 4. In this way, continued operation in the event of a chip failure can be guaranteed, which is required in new storage systems. Both memory modules work with a 2.5 volt supply, are housed in a 184-pin module and are available in the speed classes PC1600 and PC2100.

Development samples of the 1 GByte modules are now available at a price of 1,900 US Dollars available. Samples of the 2GB modules will be available to qualified customers starting April at a price of $ 3,900. In view of the price, nothing for the mass market for the time being