Infineon keeps its hands off Hynix

Infineon keeps its hands off Hynix

The hacking around the ailing Hynix group never ends. However, Infineon has apparently decided not to buy the competitor after all, as there are probably deficiencies in the technical equipment.

Actually, Hynix had only had talks with the US-American Micron group, but Infineon had outbid its purchase offer of 3.1 billion US dollars. As a result, Micron increased the offer by 700 million US dollars.

After a detailed review of the financial situation and the existing production facilities of Hynix, Infineon has now withdrawn from the purchase project. According to Infineon, Hynix has recently failed to keep the technology of the production facilities up-to-date, a conversion after the purchase would be uneconomical for Infineon.

It is of course possible that Infineon only gambled to to get competitor Micron to spend a higher sum on Hynix. This would weaken Micron financially, while Infineon is now emerging from the situation generally stronger.