IDF: Rambus current until 2005

IDF: Rambus current until 2005

Rambus will remain an alternative for the performance area in the PC segment until 2005. For PCs, Intel has for the time being rejected the idea of ​​switching to the cheaper 4i Rambus, given the current situation on the memory market for DDR RAM and its price situation

The fast 4i memories are supported, as is the even faster version RD1066, for example the new one High-speed network processor IXP2800, of which Samsung is producing the first prototypes. Incidentally, Samsung is currently the only manufacturer that produces the 4i version of the Rambus memory. Samsung sold over 100 million Rambus chips last year. As it became known, SIS wants to offer the first chipsets for the PC market that support the 4i RAM bus memory in the summer. Samsung and Rambus are working hard on a two-channel version of Rambus, called the RD1200. Investors seem to be in favor of this, since Rambus' share price rose by over 20 percent yesterday.

Samsung is planning the DDR400 and DDR533 memory for the beginning of 2003, with the DDR-III still on the roadmap Memory with 800 to 1200 mega transfers per second, which is planned for 2006.