i850 and i860 - the i820 and i840 successors

i850 and i860 - the i820 and i840 successors

New facts have become known about Intel's next chip generation, but the names remain the same. The Tehama (i850) will be for the Willamette as before, while the Colusa (i860) is the basis for the Intel Foster. Both chipsets will support a system bus speed of 400Mhz and RDRAM. The usual 6PCIs are available as slots.

So far, apart from the system clock, the new ones differ only slightly from their predecessors, but the special is yet to come: because the next generation of Intel chipsets (i850 and i860) are set namely on ICH2 (Input-Output Controller Hub 2). This offers some very interesting features: UltraDMA 33/66/100 support, 4 USB ports, build-in Ethernet Base100, 6-channel sound support and soft modem. The probably quite expensive i860 chipset also offers dual-CPU support and a higher memory configuration.

If everything goes well, the new chipsets should be available by the end of this year.