Hyper-Threading on Asus motherboards

Hyper-Threading on Asus motherboards

After the chipsets and thus also the boards on which Intel’s Pentium 4 3.06 GHz with Hyperthreading were supposed to run, Asus has now officially announced the exact revision. The results partly deviate from earlier information!

Mainboard revision Asus P4PE from 1.02 P4G8X from 1.00 P4GE-B from 1.00 P4GE-V from 1.00 P4GE-VM from 1.00 P4T533 from 1.03 P4T533-C from 1.03 P4B533-E from 1.02 P4B533 from 1.03 P4B533-m from 1.01

Accordingly, Hyper-Threading is now also with P4PE officially possible from revision 1.02 - at the editorial deadline of our Pentium 4 article , revision 1.00 was assumed here.

Regarding this table, however, it should be said that we ran the Asus P4T533 Rev. 1.02 and the P4T533-C Rev. 1.01 without any major problems. When P4T533, however, we had to actively cool the northbridge, as otherwise it would m it got two Seti instances too hot.

Because not the Hyper-Threading feature, a matter of the BIOS settings, seems to be the problem here. Rather, the power supply can collapse under the huge power consumption of almost 82 watts under full load. Good cooling of the voltage converters is important here, so that an HT-CPU will certainly work with lower revisions in many cases. However, Asus does not guarantee this - and neither do we.

Many thanks to DjDino for the hint!