Hitachi and Asus with one terabyte notebook

Hitachi and Asus with one terabyte notebook

Hitachi GST announced today that Asus is installing the Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 hard drive in its new M50 and M70 notebooks, with the M70 series in a configuration with two drives up to 1 TB Storage offers.

With this Asus produces a mobile device that has by far the majority of desktop offerings in terms of storage capacity exceeds. Those responsible hope that this circumstance will make the aforementioned notebook series particularly attractive to notebook buyers interested in multimedia, as they can be used to transport a large number of diverse content. With a view to this requirement, the lack of possibility to display HD quality turns out to be the first shortcoming. According to the first reports , the M70 will be able to display around 1440 * 900 pixels (WXGA +) depending on the configuration. Furthermore, depending on the configuration, the device should also be based on T7700, 7500, 7300, or 7100 Core2Duo processors, an ATI 3650 graphics chip and around one gigabyte of RAM.

The 17 inch M70 notebook should be on time will also be presented physically at the CES 2008 in Las Vegas, which starts on Monday.

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