HIS brings Turbo versions of the HD3850

HIS brings Turbo versions of the HD3850

HIS is launching two overclocked Turbo models based on the new HD3850 chipsets these days. The flagship is a heavily modified and overclocked 'HD3850 ICEQ3 TURBO X'. The card has a stately 1960 MHz memory and 735 MHz GPU clock.

This raises the ' Turbo X “variant clearly differs from the reference model, which only relies on 1,656 MHz memory and 668 MHz chip clock. With the heavily overclocked version, HIS was even able to put the HD3870 at risk in internal tests. A smaller, but overclocked variant, called “Turbo” by HIS, still clocks at 1,820 or 720 MHz. However, at 189 euros it is exactly 20 euros cheaper than the 'HIS HD 3850 IceQ3 TURBO X 512MB PCIe (Limited Edition)', whose official recommended price is 209 euros.

HIS Radeon HD 3850 IceQ 3 Turbo X

HIS comes as a cooling solution the tried and tested in-house development IceQ3 is used again. A powerful double-slot cooler conveys the heated air from the graphics card directly out of the PC case. The air is passed directly over a copper plate with two integrated heat pipes to cool both the GPU and the memory. HIS promises quiet working conditions with cooler temperatures at the same time, which only make this overclocking possible.