High speed for 130 marks

High speed for 130 marks

After the successful pilot project in Rosenheim, Streamgate is now also offering its broadband DSL connection in Munich. According to the Marketing and Sales Director, Munich will go to the Streamgate network in February. By the end of the year, a total of 40 metropolitan areas in Germany should be supplied with the service.

The price for the DSL Connection costs 79.90Mark per month, plus a further 49.90Mark for the flat rate. Unlike Telekom, Streamgate offers 1024kBit/s in the downstream and 128kBit/s in the upstream. Overall, that makes a good 130Mark for Internet access. The price includes 5MB for your own homepage, FTP access and 5 e-mail addresses. Whoever adds 9.90Mark gets access with an upload speed of 384kBit/s. Under the name VoiceGate, Streamgate combines a telephone connection with a call number and one of the two DSL variants, which costs at least 29.90 Marks. In addition to the monthly fees, a 99Mark installation fee and a 298Mark (term: 6 months) provision fee are required. With a contract term of 12 or 24 months, the price for the provision drops to 198 or 98Mark. In addition, the company wants to build a content spectrum in the video, gaming and audio (e.g. web radio) segments as part of a long-term cooperation.

You can already connect within six weeks of registering with Streamgate the company claims. Streamgate Internet access is sold through specialist dealers and the Streamgate website, but also through direct sales structures. In Munich, the offer is available e.g. from the Saturn branches. You can find more information here.