Hewlett-Packard sits in front of IBM

Hewlett-Packard sits in front of IBM

Hewlett-Packard has made it - you have ousted the formerly leading manufacturer of supercomputers, IBM, from the top 3 fastest computers in the world. This can be found in the new top 500 list that was presented at the Supercomputing Conference in Baltimore.

The two identical supercomputers 'ASCI Q' occupy 2nd place with 7.7 TFLOPS computing power each and displace the formerly fastest computer from IBM, the 'ASCI White', to 4th place. The fastest computer remains unchallenged with 35 TFLOPS, the 'Earth Simulator' from NEC, which is located in Japan. The 'ASCI Q' is to be used by the US Energy Agency for nuclear tests.

In Europe, Germany continues to lead with 71 supercomputers on the list ahead of Great Britain (39). The fastest computer in Germany is installed in the Garching data center of the Max Planck Society and is in 21st place worldwide.

With the HLRN, however, a faster computer went into operation this week. The high-performance computer north consists of two systems installed in Berlin and Hanover and has a total computing power of 4 TFLOPS and would put Germany in the top ten according to today's standards.