Hercules Prophet 4500 in the test: The Kyro2 compared to the GeForce

Hercules Prophet 4500 in the test: The Kyro2 compared to the GeForce


As you can see from the large number of benchmarks, the Hercules Prophet 4500 can also be used on et which convince slow systems. Her specialty here is the 32-bit color depth in high resolutions, where it can sometimes leave the competition far behind. Low resolutions and the theoretical tests are not for her at all. On the other hand, it gets along much better with the realistic gaming benchmarks as long as the resolution is not 640x480 or 800x600. However, since most games are generally played at 1024x768 and can also be played on 600MHz systems in such resolutions, this shortcoming should only be of limited significance. Wherever the classic graphics chips fail due to insufficient bandwidth, the Hercules Prophet 4500 can clearly gain the upper hand. In low resolutions or in old games, where both the game geometry and the game textures are not too pronounced, the render performance and fill rate of the chip are more important, which the Kyro2 can do with thisMissed position. For this reason, it also falls behind in low performance and will not achieve the performance of a GeForce2MX or even GeForce2GTS in Half Life on slow systems. Gamers who are mainly interested in high frame rates in low resolutions should therefore prefer an nVidia-based graphics card. Another point that needs to be addressed is the very good image quality that is achieved with the Hercules Prophet 4500. Since there are still some games that do not offer a 32-bit mode, such as Motocross Madness, the internal true color rendering is really superior at this point, but in 32-bit games there are almost no differences.

In summary, one can say that Hercules is a very good graphics card with the 3D Prophet 4500 for a recommended retail price of 349DM The 'speed power' is missing in low resolutions, on the other hand it offers large reserves over the long distance, whereby there are only insignificant drops in performance when increasing the resolution. Tile-based rendering is simply the better technology here and it will continue to prevail in the future. The offered 3D features are more than sufficient and the driver offers everything necessary. Certainly an overclocking function in the drivers would not be bad, but I am sure that this will definitely be expected in later driver versions and until then you can make do with well-known graphics card tools such as Powerstrip. The manual enclosed with the card is sufficient, but does not describe more than the installation of the 3D Prophet 4500. The stickers that are also enclosed are a very nice idea, which also add some color to the gray box called Personal Computer. Furthermore, it should be said that the card scales very well with the processor due to the lack of T&L support, so thatit can even beat a GeForce2GTS in high resolutions on systems with more than 1GHz, but on slow systems it is on par with a GeForce2MX, insofar as one ignores the problems in low resolutions.

Hercules Prophet 4500
  • Good performance in high resolutions
  • Scales very well with the processor
  • Wonderful design
  • Stable drivers
  • Very quiet
  • Good price
  • Slow in low resolutions
  • Missing T&L

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