Hercules Prophet 4500 in the test: The Kyro2 compared to the GeForce

Hercules Prophet 4500 in the test: The Kyro2 compared to the GeForce


Now that we are sufficiently concerned with the preliminary skirmish As always, we come to the most interesting part, the benchmarks. Since the Prophet 4500 has proved itself more than well on fast systems with 1GHz, 1.2GHz and even 1.5GHz and could even beat a GeForce2 GTS in some respects, we want to compare the performance of the graphics card on not quite as fast systems. In its price range of approx. 300 DM it is an ideal solution for upgrading old computers, although their performance is of course in no way compared to today's top models.

To get the widest possible range of current and somewhat older computers The following benchmarks were used to cover game titles. However, we had to do without the Vulpine GLMark due to its mediocre performance with the Kyro2.

  • DirectX 7.0
    • 3DMark 2000 (benchmark)
    • Unreal Tournament (Ego -Shooter)
  • DirectX 8.0
    • 3DMark 2001 (benchmark)
    • Aquanox Aquamark (action game)
  • OpenGL
    • Quake 3Arena (Ego-Shoter)
  • Desktop
    • SystemMark 2000

The Systemmark 2000 was used because we wanted to determine the performance of the Kyro2 in a normal working environment. Even if this 2D performance is very high with all current graphics cards, small differences can still be made out between the cards.

Test system

  • Processors
    • Pentium III 450
    • Pentium III 600
  • Asus P2B-F motherboard
  • 256MB RAM
  • Graphics cards
    • Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 (64MB)
    • ELSA Erazor III Pro (32MB)
    • ELSA Gladiac MX (32MB)
  • Hard disks
    • IBM DJNA 370910
    • IBM DTLA 307030 (main disk)
  • Peripherals
    • Asus 50X CD-ROM
    • Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value
    • Intel Etherexpress 100Pro
  • Software
    • Windows 2000 Pro SP1
    • DirectX 8.0a

At this point I would like to thank Martin very much, who was kind enough to provide us with his Pentium III 600 for testing purposes. The Detonator 12.00 was used as the driver for the nVidia-based graphics cards, while the Hercules Prophet 4500 uses the supplied version 7.89 drivers.

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