Hazardous waste back to AOL

Hazardous waste back to AOL

Who does not know them, the CDs with the access software from AOL. There hardly seems to be a place where you don't come across them. Whether it's the mailbox at home or the recently bought computer magazine: they tumble towards you everywhere.

What may be considered a nice supplement for some, is more of an annoying evil for most people, they pile up there are dozens of these CDs in the house.

Actually no problem getting rid of them, CDs did not fall under the category Hazardous waste.

Jim McKenna and John Liebermann from Berkeley, this was also a thorn in the side and unlike most of the others, they didn't quietly swallow their anger, but founded the NoMoreAOLCDs campaign.

You would like to collect a million AOL CDs and then bring them across the USA from Californians to Virginia to the AOL headquarters and 'dispose of' them in front of the main entrance. Perhaps this helps to make AOL understand that not all people want to be showered with CDs, whereas apparently neither the sign 'Please no advertising' on the mailbox, nor an existing contractual relationship with AOL seems to help.

Riccardo Amm has taken over the coordination for Germany. At there is more information.

As Telepolis reports, the origin of the CDs is not important, be it 'only' the to a directly sent quantity or a collection of friends or even the bold taking of a whole spindle in the department store ...

If you want to help curb the hazardous waste spam from AOL, take a look at the addresses on the web at. In any case, we at ComputerBase will do our best.