Hardware from BitBoys

Hardware from BitBoys

The BitBoys call themselves back to memory, so the audience was shown real hardware at a presentation. However, the hardware was not used in the conventional sense in the PC, but was only partially put into operation.

A card was supplied with power externally, was connected to a computer via USB and showed a presentation on a small LCD. The card is equipped with the Altera EP20K, which is a programmable logic unit that is used by the developers for testing purposes. There was also an AGP graphics card, which, according to the print on the PCB, dates back to February 2002. Micron SDR memory with 143 MHz is built into the card, an indication that the BitBoys XBA technology works. There were also two GPUs to be admired, which turned out to be quite large, whereby the grid array with a good 600 pins offers a relatively small number. The Radeon9700 announced by ATi is said to have around 1100 pins, which suggests that the BitBoys have not yet integrated the wide memory bus into their sample. Further details can be found in the pictures and a discussion is already underway in our forum .

BitBoy's presentation
Front of test card
Back of test card
AGP card front
Detail: AGP card