Hard blow for the warez scene!

Hard blow for the warez scene!

In cooperation with the authorities in England, Australia, Finland and Norway, the FBI cut the wings of large parts of the international warez scene at the beginning of last week. After 15 months of research, a total of 130 computers were confiscated between December 10th and 12th.

However, this by no means only affected individuals, it will also have been much more important for the FBI & Co to see the nodes to paralyze. These universities, 'Rochester Institute of Technology' (RIT) in New York and 'University of Twente' in the Netherlands, known as mother ships, were used as central exchange points for warez on the respective continent. At New York University alone, in addition to the hubs used, the computers of 6 students were also confiscated from their apartments. Meanwhile, RIT spokeswoman Laurie Maynard confirmed access, but could not say what will happen to the computers. She added that it was new to her that the RIT had been a well-known role on the scene to hide warez.

Although there is still no confirmation from the Netherlands, the activity is on the scene almost to zero due to fear of surveillance. A second year-long secret investigation by the New Hampshire FBI, dubbed 'Digital Piratez,' resulted in a dozen manhunters across the country on December 11th. This was aimed at the 'big animals' of the scene, the crackers themselves. In total, the FBI is currently investigating 50 terabytes of data!

According to the CNet report, the warez scene prevails currently chaos due to the biggest AntiWarez hit in history. A long-time member of the scene commented on the surprising incident: “This is a hard blow to Warez. At the moment everything stands still in the scene. Really everything! ”The scene is apparently threatening on a small scaleSplinter groups to decay. In any case, according to statements from the FBI, the members of the Warez community will again place greater emphasis on anonymity, at least in the last few days integrated password queries on some websites have indicated this. On the other hand, there are also voices that say this trend will be short-lived and that the warez scene will soon revive. 'I'm sure that whatever the FBI does, there will always be people who publish warez!' Said a member of the music scene. However, when you consider that, according to statements by the US authorities, the interrogated people are extremely willing and able to talk, the doubts increase. In addition, they allegedly even provide the officers with additional information. As a result, new searches are being published every day, so you move on from one scene member to the other ...