Happy New Year and a thousand thanks!

Happy New Year and a thousand thanks!

Just under six hours and another year will go down in history. 2002 is drawing to a close and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all visitors a happy new and hopefully successful year 2003.

But we also want to dedicate a few words to the past 365 days. Because apart from flood disasters, stock market crashes, wars and terrorist attacks, we personally look back on twelve successful months and would like to thank you, our readers, for this! You made ComputerBase what it is now. One of the largest, non-commercial, but privately owned hardware magazines.

2002 - This year was a kind of maturity test for ComputerBase. We laid the foundation stone for our development in mid-2001 when we entered the world of hardware reviews. This website really got going with the release of the second version (CB2.0) at the end of 2001 - the starting shot for 2002.

With daily updated, selected news from the computer world and countless reviews, we have over the year tries to be constantly up-to-date and to provide our readers with advice and assistance. While in 2001 the number of articles and their scope was still limited with 41, 2002 saw the light of day 91, some extremely extensive reports. Including worldwide exclusive reports on motherboards such as the Asus P4T533 or the A7N266-C. We were also able to increase the number of news from 1,525 to over 2000 and would also like to thank the people who have repeatedly drawn our attention to interesting topics through their news submissions.

We made it to Companies like Intel or AMD to be put on the NDA list, ie to get hardware for test purposes before their official presentation and to be there with a report on the day of publication. So manyDay and night fell victim to the extensive tests and the further development of the computer base. In addition to school, university and work, it was often nerve-wracking work that was nonetheless fun every day. Fun also because the concept seems to have been well received. During 2002 we were able to practically quadruple the number of visitors per month and so in December 2002 an average of 16,000 readers visited our home every day ( - IP addresses/24h).

And what did you particularly like? If you take a look at our internal 'view counter', there were a few articles that were particularly popular. Our guide to burning a Windows XP CD with integrated SP1 is undisputedly at the top. This is followed by the report on the AMD surprise of the year, the XP2400 + and XP2600 + , as well as our DDR333/DDR400 RoundUp . The other places are followed by the article ' 60Hz problem under Windows 2000/XP ' and, for us the surprise of the year, the ' Power Supply RoundUp '. The fact that this article was a bombshell illustrates the need for high-quality tests on this topic.

There were also clear favorites among the news. In first place is the report on the Windows Longhorn rumors , closely followed by the reports on Windows XP SP1 and its protective mechanisms. And even if the message is only three weeks old, the news about the AMD Athlon 64 Benchmarks in the c't still made it to 3rd place.

Up Fourth place is also another record: with 446 comments, our benchmark call for the UT 2003 demo beat everything that had come before. We asked to send us your benchmark results and that was the result. Only three more reports have also made it over the 100 comment mark.The fact that these were not always worth gold is certainly a downer from last year. But there will be a remedy here in the future.

Future, a good keyword. We have big plans for 2003 as well. We want to continue to report independently and as up-to-date as possible on the hardware and software industry and further expand our range. Expansion is also a good keyword, but we don't want to reveal anything here. Let yourself be surprised and come back next year.

Thank you!