Halo is coming to PC and Mac in summer 2003

Halo is coming to PC and Mac in summer 2003

Microsoft will release the XBox's flagship title, Halo, which has so far only been available for the console and which has repeatedly caused great resentment in the PC community, for PC and Mac around summer 2003.

Microsoft did not place the order for the porting on the computer with the previously incorporated development room Halos, Bungie, but with the well-known software company Gearbox. These have attracted attention in the past, especially through Half-Life extensions such as 'Opposing Force', 'Blue Shift' or the retail versions of the mod 'Counter-Strike' and the PC version of 'Tony Hawk 3'.

PC gamers worldwide will soon be able to dig into the addictive gameplay of Halo, by combining the success of Halo on Xbox with Gearbox's proven talent in the first-person shooter genre, PC gamers are guaranteed a lively and ' up-all-hours' single and multiplayer experience on the PC.

Westlake was awarded the contract for the Macintosh version Interactive. The outstanding feature of both versions should be a wide range for multiplayer players.

Our goal is for Mac and Windows users to battle each other on foot, in vehicles, and in the air next summer when the best first -person shooter ever created comes to both Macintosh and Windows

For now, however, this plan should be viewed with caution. If the implementation is a 1: 1 copy with the exception of the multiplayer mode, Halo should have a hard time on the PC in 2003, over a year after it was published on the XBox. After all, there are promising titles like Doom3, Unreal 2 or Unreal Tournament 2003 on the market by then.