Halloween document from Microsoft

Halloween document from Microsoft

The eighth edition of the so-called Halloween document has appeared on the website of Eric S. Raymond - This internal memo is published every year by 'Microsoft Exclusives' and reports on the relationship between Microsoft and Opensource/Linux.

It was written by Microsoft Vice President Orlando Ayala, who is responsible for sales, marketing and services worldwide is. 'Doing the Damage Control Dance' 'is the headline of this year's memo, which could most easily be translated as' damage limitation '.

Here is an excerpt from zu the document:

The author deplores the great media interest in cases in which authorities and large companies opt for use decide or even just be interested in open source software. In the past, Microsoft has not responded effectively enough to such reports, the memo said. In the future, addressees are encouraged to immediately report any such case with full details to an internal mailing list called OSSI, which Raymond describes as a kind of high-level damage control group. The group is then apparently supposed to bring Microsoft's view of things closer to the media.

If you want to read through all of the eight documents that have appeared so far, you will find it here .