Green Athlon XP CPUs appeared!

Green Athlon XP CPUs appeared!

With the switch to the Athlon XP, AMD introduced a new CPU housing called OPGA (Organic Pin Grid Array). The advantage was that this organic substrate should have better conductive properties than the previously used ceramic.

The optical side effect is the earth-brown coloration of the new Athlon XP processors since then. Although performance is the most important factor in a processor - especially since it is buried under an often monstrous heat sink anyway - AMD is now introducing green surfaces again, as we know them from Intel processors. As expected, the green color has no effect on performance. The first examples with green CPU housings have already appeared in Japan, so that the introduction in Europe should not be long in coming.

Thanks to Tobias Huber for the hint!

Athlon XP Green vs. Intel Pentium 3
Athlon XP green vs. Athlon XP brown
Athlon XP Green (Top)
Athlon XP Green (below)