'Granite Bay' on the IDF?

'Granite Bay' on the IDF?

We mentioned it briefly earlier, now it has turned out that Intel has probably already brought a system based on the i850E successor 'Granite Bay' with them to the IDF. Actually it is a test system to show Serial-ATA in function.

The resourceful colleagues from Japan now want to have found out that it is a system based on of the 'Granite Bay' chipset, which is already operated with dual-channel DDR266. This should be able to recognize on the detailed recording of the memory bar. However, since a passive heat sink is mounted on the northbridge, the chipset cannot be recognized correctly.

Meanwhile, there are more precise data of the chipset became known. The most important feature is the support of dual-channel DDR-RAM through two memory channels, the board has 4 slots and can process a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. This results in 4.2 GB/s, which also corresponds to the bandwidth of the system bus, the support of DDR333 with 5.4 GB/s is rather unlikely. AGP 8x, USB 2.0 and Serial-ATA are also supported. The Northbridge is to appear in a 1077-pin FCBGA housing and with two different interfaces: one for the ICH4 Southbridge with 266 MB/s bandwidth and the other with 533 MB/s bandwidth for the P64H2 bridge of the i7500 server chipset with PCI X and PCI-64.

Intel Granite Bay