Gigabyte and MSI present i845E and i845G products

Gigabyte and MSI present i845E and i845G products

In addition to Asus, whose board we have already subjected to a detailed test, Gigabyte and MSI have now also expanded their product range to include Intel i845E and i845G products. MSI is sending the 845E Max2-BLR and 845G Max-L into the race here. Gigabyte is with the GA-8IEXP and GX-8IGX.

The 845G Max-L with The i845G and onboard LAN will cost 175 euros and offer six PCI slots, one AGP and one CNR slot. The board lacks special extras like the GX-8IGX from Gigabyte, which does not even offer onboard LAN and whose price is unfortunately not yet known.

With the new high-end boards, however, both cannot be used rags. Both the 845E Max2-BLR and the GA-8IEXP offer an additional ATA133 raid controller. While Gigabyte and Asus still integrate onboard Firewire, MSI is back to Bluetooth. Boards have onboard LAN in the luxury equipment. The MSI 845E Max2-BLR costs around 225 euros. The version 845E Max2-L without Bluetooth and without ATA 133 RAID is available for around 168 euros. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the price of the GA-8IEXP.

MSI 845E Max2-BLR
MSI 845G Max-L
GigaBye 8IGX