Get creative with mice and keyboards

Get creative with mice and keyboards

As a little Christmas surprise, Creative announced this morning that in the future it will also include mice and keyboards in its product portfolio, which should be on the market as early as December. In December and January, three desktop solutions will appear first.

Creative would like to introduce its solutions in the mid- Classify the cost segment, since the low-cost segment is already flooded with many small providers and the premium segment is already firmly in the hands of Logitech and Microsoft. It remains to be seen whether this segment will be tackled after a successful product launch. Creative has set itself the goal of convincing customers with a particularly good price/performance ratio, but does not want to save on the quality of its products. Although no images or specifications of the new products have yet been published, Creative would like to present its first product in detail shortly.


Creative now has images of an optical mouse finally submitted later. The 'Creative Mouse Optical' model also has a wireless interface.

Elegant look outside, precise look inside - the wireless Creative Mouse Optical

The first optical wireless mouse from Creative is aimed at ambitious notebook and desktop users

Munich, December 10, 2002. In an elegant silver finish presents the Creative Mouse Optical, the first wireless notebook and desktop mouse with optical scanning from Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF). The Creative Mouse Optical, equipped with two function keys and a central scroll/select wheel, impresses with its high level of precision, which makes working on a notebook or PC easier even without a mouse pad. The launch of the Creative Mouse Optical will be nationwide from today through a sales campaign in allMedia Markt branches. With a recommended retail price of € 39.90 (including VAT), Creative's new product is primarily aimed at ambitious users who value an optimal price/performance ratio. In addition to the high precision due to the advanced scanning optics with a resolution of 400 dpi, the Creative Mouse Optical is characterized by low power consumption and thus a long service life. The wireless mouse, powered by two AA batteries, automatically switches to sleep mode to save energy when it is not used for a long time. If the battery charge is about to run out, a warning will light up in good time. The Creative Mouse Optical is suitable for both right and left handers. The connection to the USB interface of the computer or notebook makes the Creative Mouse Optical ready for use quickly without major installation processes, and it is fully compatible with the Windows 98SE/ME/2000 and XP operating systems.

With its silver-colored design the Creative Mouse Optical not only fits in every study, but is also ideal for use in living room PCs.

Technical data

  • Resolution: 400 dpi
  • Radio frequency: 27 MHz, 1-channel technology with 8 changeable IDs
  • Maximum distance between radio module and mouse: 1.5 meters
  • Sensor detects movements on all surfaces - none Mouse pad required
  • 360 degree usability
  • USB interface
  • Compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

The mouse is available from today in a nationwide market launch in the media market. The recommended retail price is 39.90 €.

Creative Mouse Optical wireless P
Creative Mouseoptical wireless V_P