GEIL - the fastest DDR RAM presented

GEIL - the fastest DDR RAM presented

The company GEIL (Golden Emperor International Ltd) presented the fastest DDR RAM to date at the Comdex in LasVegas. PC3700 (466MHz DDR) is now the new record. So if you want to overclock your system to the max, you will definitely enjoy these modules.

Just recently the Taiwanese manufacturer GEIL started with the delivery of PC3500 (433MHz DDR) modules. As a test system for the new memory, a board with a GraniteBay chipset was available at Comdex, which was unceremoniously overclocked from 133MHz to 175MHz FSB.

The interesting thing, however, is that this RAM is still normal DDR RAM modules and not, as would have been expected with these clock frequencies, DDR-II. Thus the RAM finds a worthy place on all current mainboards with DDR RAM slots.

It is not yet known when these modules will be delivered. However, the PC3500 modules are already available and cost around US $ 105 for a 256MB module. The RAM allows the sharpest timings of 2-2-2 with 1T CommandRate at the specified clock frequency of 433MHz DDR.

More information on the homepage of the manufacturer .

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