GeForce4 nomenclature

GeForce4 nomenclature

Slowly but surely, the rumors about the next generation of nVidian graphics chips, namely the GeForce 4, are taking on more solid forms. As always, a reliable contact with a small graphics card company is said to be the source of the newly emerged naming of the GeForce 4.

He passed the information on to his colleagues at nV-News. Accordingly, there will be the following gradations:

  • NV17
    • GF4 MX420 SDR
    • GF4 MX440 DDR
    • GF4 MX460 DDR
  • NV25
    • GF4 Ti 4400
  • NV25Ultra
    • GF4 Ti 4600

The number additions initially sound like the speed of the memory, if more precise However, a closer look reveals some inconsistencies. So it is de facto impossible that the low-end model of the GeForce4 MX comes with 420MHz SDR-RAM. The numbers increased by a factor of ten with the 'real' GeForce4 cannot possibly be correct, unless nVidia would integrate the graphics memory as eDRAM in the chip and at the same time drastically increase the data rate and bus width, as the fabulous BitBoys have been doing for years and days announce.

A last possibility would be to use another memory interface on the high-end models of the GeForce4, be it as a separately created Z-buffer, or as a 256-bit wide data bus. Both options would drive the already high price of the cards, which should come with 128MB of graphics ram, significantly higher. But for the time being all of this will remain speculation.