GeForce4 and anisotropic filtering: bug or more?

GeForce4 and anisotropic filtering: bug or more?

As stated in a post from Unwinder today, the GeForce4's AF bug doesn't appear to be just a bug. Unwinder, the RivaTuner programmer, wrote that the assumed AF bug was an inability of the GF4 to anisotropically filter more than one texture at the same time.

According to Unwinder, the alleged bug fix (I plead guilty in the sense of the indictment), which has ensured 'normal' values ​​under OpenGL since driver version 28.90, is a trick that only allows the basic Texture, but no reflection or light maps are anisotropically filtered.

We haven't checked it yet, but there is probably evidence of this in terms of image quality.

In the latest version of the RivaTuner (2.0 RC11) includes a selection option for OpenGL for the old AF version and the new, performance-improved version. Here you can find the corresponding thread in the nVnews forum.