GeForce 4 logos appeared

GeForce 4 logos appeared

Many are waiting longingly for the new graphics cards from Nvidia. Now an employee has announced in an interview with ExtremeTech that the new graphics chips NV25 and NV17 will be presented on February 5th. Whether the logos really come from Nvidia is questionable, but they are of good quality and appear in the design line of the previous logos. The question of whether the names of the logos are correct and whether Nvidia is keeping the MX name for the graphics cards is also interesting. The numbers on the Ti versions also seem strange because they are not based on the clock frequencies used, as was previously the case. So it remains to be seen whether the chips will actually be presented at the beginning of February and which logos will be presented by Nvidia. Discussions about this on our Board .

GeForce 4 MX 420
GeForce 4 MX 440
GeForce 4 MX 460
GeForce 4 Ti 4400