GeForce 2 MX will be split up and more expensive

GeForce 2 MX will be split up and more expensive

NVidia plans to change the prices for graphics cards with an in-house cheap chip. Prices for a graphics card with a Vanta chipset will be reduced for both the 8MB and the 16MB board. With this move, NVidia plans to encourage customers to buy more expensive products.

In return, the prices for the TNT2 offshoot 'M64' increased. Since this chip is often installed in OEM PCs, this step is intended to ensure that dealers install a different graphics card than one with a TNT2 M64 chip. The very popular 'GeForce 2 MX' series is largely affected by the changes: In the future there will be three different versions of the MX chip. The previously available one will be renamed GeForce 2-MX400, whereby the price for this chip will be increased at the same time. There will also be the GeForce 2-MX100 and the GeForce 2-MX200.

The MX100 is the cheapest option and will be available with either eight or 16 MB DDR RAM. The bus width is 32 bits. The MX200 is supplied with a maximum of 32 MB SDR RAM and has a bus width of 64 bits.