GeForce 2 GTS problems with Irongate chipset

GeForce 2 GTS problems with Irongate chipset

The big brother of the GeForce, the GeForce2 GTS, seems to have problems with the AMD Irongate chipset alias AMD 750. Nvidia made the following statement:

We have noticed some issues with the following hardware/software combination: Windows 98 running on a PC based on AMD's Irongate core logic chipset with a GeForce 2 GTS board installed AND running in AGP 2x mode. Given that hardware/software combination, there is also some application sensitivity ... some games run overnight without a problem and some do not. We found that the instability is related to AGP 2x mode, so setting the system to AGP 1x mode solves the problem.

The choice of using the special 'Athlon' driver is up to each user. If the user does not experience problems running in AGP 2x mode with the regular driver, they should use the standard driver. If the user does experience instability, then the special driver is an option.

Lots of Athlon-based PCs use the Irongate core logic chipset - which believe is what you have in the Fester MoBO, so, many users will associate this with the combination of Athlon and GeForce, despite the fact that it is strictly a core logic chipset issue.

We have identified the root cause and have been working with AMD.

In summary there are again problems with AGP 2x but this time with the GeForce2 GTS on the Irongate Athlon chipset. Should problems arise in games (apparently only under Windows 98), Nvidia recommends using the drivers specially adapted for the Irongate or switching to AGP 1x. The VIA KX133 motherboard chipset, on the other hand, has no (known) problems with the GeForce2 GTS. But the VIA KX133 is not a clean slate either. Only recently it became known that it is supposed to not support the AMD Thunderbirds. So you have the choice between Thunderbird and none-Geforce2 GTS graphics card (Irongate chipset) orGeForce2 GTS and an Athlon (KX133). This does not necessarily make a purchase decision easier!