Gates promises information about Internet Explorer 8

Gates promises information about Internet Explorer 8

In a blog entry, Microsoft employee Dean Hachamovitch announced that the next Microsoft browser will be called Internet Explorer 8 - he owed no real news. As a result, there were many disappointed reactions to Microsoft's once again non-existent information policy.

Towards the end of the development of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft had provided information on development progress relatively regularly in the IEBlog promised that in the future they would want to take more care of the interests of web developers. However, after the release of Internet Explorer 7, that was all over and the more or less public bug database that was only presented in March 2006 .

Internet Explorer 7 is a clear improvement compared to Internet Explorer 6. However, a still incomplete as well as incorrect implementation of web standards such as CSS and JavaScript leads to that considerable additional effort is necessary to convert a page that works without problems in Firefox, Opera, Safari & Co so that Microsoft's browser can handle it without problems. Articles by experienced web developers with speaking titles like ' In All Fairness ... Internet Explorer Still Stinks ' or ' Internet Explorer doesn't just suck, it also blows! ' are witnesses the frustration caused by Microsoft's browser.

The only hope is an interview with Bill Gates conducted by Molly Holzschlag, an experienced web developer and speaker at numerous conferences. In this, the chairman of the Microsoft supervisory board is specifically addressed about the non-existent communication about the features of Internet Explorer 8. He then promised several times to personally try to improve this situation.

Regardless of Bill Gates' efforts, Microsoft is likely to take part in the annual MarchThe upcoming conference MIX08 will announce details about Internet Explorer 8.