Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 from tomorrow?

Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200 from tomorrow?

After a long time of empty promises, the first models with the GeForce4 Ti4200 from nVidia really seem to be available soon. After Prolink announced its card yesterday, Gainward is following suit today. The 'Ultra/650 XP Golden Sample' and the 'Ultra/650 TV/DVI' should be available from the first week of May, i.e. almost immediately.

The former model will come with 128MB 4.0ns DDR-RAM, video-in and -out, a DSub and a DVI connection. As is customary with the models with the 'Golden Sample' suffix, there will also be a factory-available and therefore guaranteed function with increased clock rates. Unfortunately, Gainward does not yet state how high these are.

The little sister Ultra/650 TV/DVI will only offer a TV-out, but no video input, in addition to DSub and DVI connections to have. It also has to make do with half the amount of memory, which is also composed of 4.0ns DDR-RAM.

The announced street prices are € 350 for the 'Golden Sample' with 128MB and € 200 for the smaller TI4200 -Model with 64MB, each of which includes a soft DVD player in addition to the hardware and, in the case of the ViVo-compatible model, video editing software and a three-year guarantee.