Gainward GeForce 3 card with Quadro jumper

Gainward GeForce 3 card with Quadro jumper

A strange version of a GeForce 3 Ti200 card by Gainward has appeared in stores. At first glance it looks the same as all the others, but if you look closely, you notice a jumper that it doesn't otherwise have.

Usually there is no jumper on it. However, if you put one on it, the card will be recognized as a Quadro by the nVidia drivers. Up until now, most of the time to get the same result you had to make modifications to the hardware. Actually, that shouldn't be the case, since the corresponding Quadro models are around two to three times more expensive than a normal Ti200. It is also strange that no 6, but an 8-layer PCB was used. The RAM is also unusually fast. It has an access time of 3.5 ns. It is probably a card that got on the market by chance.

The jumper