G800 specifications surfaced

G800 specifications surfaced

Once again unofficial G800 specifications appeared on the web.

  • 200 MHz core clock
  • 200 MHz (400 MHz) DDR-RAM
  • 6.4 GB/sec. Memory transfer
  • 3 render pipelines
  • 3 texture units
  • 1.8 GigaTexels/sec filling rate
  • 20-30 million triangles/sec Renderspeed
  • Scalable architecture (dual)
  • DirectX 8 optimization

Unfortunately, no release date is known yet, as Matrox has released the G800 hasn't even introduced. Insider circles assume that the card will be available this year. Due to the technical data, the G800 is located between the Geforce2 GTS and the Geforce2 GTS Ultra. Furthermore, it is said that the G800, similar to the new Voodoo cards, should be multichip capable.