FSB800: first impression and a look into the future

FSB800: first impression and a look into the future

Mainboard and chipset

Here the Springdale and the Canterwood chipset have the honor of being specially developed for the 800 MHz FSB. Both are dual channel DDR SDRAM solutions, which should guarantee a maximum memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB per second. The first dual channel DDR SDRAM chipset from Intel, which of all things is still most suitable for the computer at home, bears the name E7205, formerly Granite Bay . In itself, this is a workstation chipset that various mainboard manufacturers, including Asus , Gigabyte and MSI , use their motherboards for the Endander. However, due to their layout, the boards are expensive and currently in short supply.

In contrast, the i845PE and the related chipsets. Even if they only represent a single channel solution, some can be persuaded to operate stable at 800 MHz FSB by overclocking. Our Asus P4PE , on which we performed the following tests, ran really problem-free at this rate. Our memory, Corsair XMS3200, ran with DDR400 and sharp timings. With this we could not provide the memory with the same bandwidth as the frontside bus, but it doesalready determine speed trends. We were only able to add DDR355 to our FSB533 Pentium 4.

Nonetheless, one fact is really impressive: With very good i845PE boards, the upcoming Intel Pentium 4 HT processors can also be used , the purchase of a new mainboard is therefore in all probability not absolutely necessary. However, the manufacturer must allow a bus clock of 200 MHz in the BIOS. In addition, as a user, you have to be aware that you are operating the chipset far beyond its specifications and that you have to expect a loss of service life.

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