Flat rate from 39DM

Flat rate from 39DM

The company Future Buy offers a real flat rate from 39 DM per month. According to the information, this should run without restrictions with a 12-hour disconnect. The dial-in should take place via software with a user key. The price of the offer decreases with the length of the contract, so that the following tariffs arise:

  • Tariff 1: 59.00 DM per month/no MLZ/facility 100 DM
  • tariff 2: 44.00 DM per month/6 months MLZ/facility 200 DM
  • Tariff 3: 39.99 DM per month/12 months MLZ/facility 150 DM

Payment should be made monthly by invoice.

However, the offer sounds anything but trustworthy. First of all there is the very low price, which is not possible at the present time (especially not for such a small company). In addition, the site does not even mention the general terms and conditions of the company, which gives a dubious impression power. So keep your fingers off ...!