Five i845E mainboards in the test: who will win?

Five i845E mainboards in the test: who will win?


We have the i845E from Intel already dedicated to its presentation and the P4B533-E from Asus was the first to show with Intel's new DDR chipsetwhat's in him. That's why we don't want to concentrate on the chipset in this review, but rather take a closer look at the mainboards equipped with it and let them compete against each other in a round-up. This time four competitors came together, all of which are equipped with the i845E. These are the Abit IT7 , EPoX EP-4BEAR , Gigabyte GA-8IEXP and last but not least the MSI 845E Max2-BLR .

All “these mainboards had to show who offers the better overall package - the comparison to the already tested P4B533-E from Asus could of course not be missing. In addition, we take a little look outside the box and include all of our previous Pentium4 mainboards in the benchmarks in order to achieve the greatest possible comparability between the platforms.

The chipsets

The chipsets in comparison
Features i850E i845E i845G i845D Supported CPU socket Socket 478 Socket 478 Socket 478 Socket 478 Northbridge features Northbridge Intel 82850E Intel 82845E Intel 82845G Intel 82845D Multiprocessor support no no no no Front -Side-Bus 400 MHz Yes Yes Yes Yes 533 MHz Yes Yes Yes No Memory clock 100 MHz Yes Yes Yes Yes 133 MHz Yes Yes Yes Yes 166 MHz No No No No Asynchronous memory clock Yes Yes Yes Yes ma x. number of dimming slots 4 3 2 3 Memory support SDRAM No No Yes Yes DDR-SDRAM No Yes Yes Yes Rambus Yes No No No AGP support 1x No No No No 2x YesYes Yes Yes 4x Yes Yes Yes Yes Southbridge Features Southbridge Intel 82801 BA Intel 82801 DB Intel 82801 DB Intel 82801 BA Hard disk controller ATA 33/66 Yes Yes Yes Yes ATA 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes ATA 133 No No No No Number of PCI slots (max ) 6 6 6 6 USB ports (max) 4 6 6 4 USB 2.0 No Yes Yes No Other I/O-Link Hub Interface (266MB/s) Hub Interface (266MB/s) Hub Interface (266MB/s) Hub Interface (266MB/s)
Intel I845E
Intel i850E

As in our last reviews we give you h Here is an overview of the various Pentium4 chipsets from Intel based on a table. Even if nothing has changed since the last article, we would like to offer the new readers who are not familiar with the other articles the opportunity to see the differences between the chipset generations, some of which are very marginal and therefore raise more and more questions

For this test, however, they are only important for the benchmarks and the comparison to other, already tested platforms, since all newly tested mainboards, as already mentioned, have the i845E and therefore have the same requirements go into the race.

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