First VIA Samuel 2 benchmarks

First VIA Samuel 2 benchmarks

After VIA made a small mistake with the Cyrix-III, which was not a box-office hit due to the low performance, VIA sat down again and developed a successor under the code name Samuel 2, which with clock frequencies of 600 to 733 MHz should start. The first samples of the processor are already available, and series production is planned for the end of 2000.

Compared to its predecessor, the Samuel 2 will offer a 64KB L2 cache, as the Cyrix III's missing L2 cache is The main reason for the poor performance was. The Samuel 2 has a 3DNow unit, which helps it to achieve acceptable benchmark results, especially in 3D benchmarks. Nevertheless, it cannot beat a similarly clocked Intel Celeron:

Benchmark Celeron 600 Cyrix III 600 Samuel 2 Winstone 99 19.6 17.6 19.3 OfficeMark v1.2 1.24x 1.10x 1.27x 3DMark 2000 3924 2692 3444 Quake III Demo 1 79.3 49.7 57.3

The Samuel 2 will be available for the Socket 370, whereby it will be offered with an FSB of 100 and 133 MHz. The core voltage could also be reduced to 1.5 volts compared to 1.9 volts in the Cyrix III by using 0.15 µm manufacturing.