First tablet PC from Dell

First tablet PC from Dell

PC direct mail order company Dell today presented its first tablet PC in the form of the Latitude XT. At 1.6 kilograms, according to Dell, it is one of the lightest devices on the market and is the first system in this class to be operated with both a pen and a finger/div>

To this end, Dell has equipped the device with what is known as 'Pen and Touch' technology. This enables users to control the Latitude XT with their finger or stylus as required without exerting great pressure on the display. The multi-touch technology used in the Latitude XT also allows multiple fingers to be used simultaneously for control, as is also known from Apple's iPhone. The digital 'Palm Rejection' technology allows this Users can make clean entries with the pen, even if the display is accidentally touched with the hand.

Dell Latitude XT

The Dell Latitude XT was specially designed for mobile users from retail, research, insurance, transportation and engineering. It is available in two versions: as a tablet for use in buildings and as a device for outdoor use. The indoor version is equipped with a 12.1 inch LED display with a brightness of 220 cd/m², the outdoor XT with a 400 cd/m² display, which should also allow working in blazing sun. Both XT models have an ambient light sensor.

Additional features include:

  • Energy-saving Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo ULV processor
  • Integrated ATI Radeon X1250 UMA graphics
  • Up to 9.5 hours of battery life
  • Solid State Drives up to 64 GB; Hard drives up to 120 GB
  • Integrated keyboard with dual pointing
  • Optional media base for connection to docking stations and opticalMedia
  • Tablet pen that works without batteries
Dell Latitude XT

The Dell Latitude XT is available from 2,174 euros plus VAT (2,587 euros including VAT). As of January 2008, Dell will also be offering tablet configurations that support the US environmental standard Energy Star 4.0.