First specs for the Radeon 2

First specs for the Radeon 2

Specifications for the successor to the ATi Radeon are currently floating around on the net.

According to these rumors, the Radeon 2 should offer the following main features:

Rumors about the specifications des Radeon 2
Radeon2 Specs Radeon Radeon 2 NV20 GF2 Ultra manufacturing process 0.18µ 0.15µ 0.15µ 0.18µ core clock 183MHz 300MHz 300MHz 250MHz pixel pipelines 3 4 4 4 filling rate (pixels) 550 million . 1200 million 1200 million 1000 million

At first glance, it is noticeable that the information for ATis Radeon2 and NVidias NV20 are practically identical. Both use the new 0.15 µm manufacturing technology, which among other things also reduces heat loss. To what extent the rumors coincide with the real values ​​remains to be seen, but until now there was at least something to every rumor.