First pictures of the XBox published

First pictures of the XBox published has published the first screenshots of the XBox. has these pictures from a slideshow with which Microsoft presented its project

These screenshots can be found under Screenshots in the left part of the page. In my opinion these screenshots are just awesome, especially those from Halo.

The XBox is the new one Microsoft is planning Game console. This should be an Intel Pentium III 733MHz CPU, probably an NVidia 300MHz graphics chip (perhaps also from the 3DFx subsidiary GigaPixel), an 8GB hard drive (which is very unusual for game consoles), 64MB RAM (which is a lot compared to the 4MB or 8MB with memory pack of the N64 and a total of 38MB for Play Station 2) It should be possible to connect 4 joypads to a slightly modified USB port. The XBox should also be able to play video DVDs. In addition, the XBox is the first video game console to fully support HDTV (High Definition TeleVision), which can drastically improve the graphics quality on TVs.