First Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Beta

First Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Beta

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team has released the first beta for Internet Explorer Service Pack 1, the build number is 1114. Among other things, a number of other W3C standards are now met and a security risk regarding frames/IFrames has been fixed.

The following changes are included in the first beta:

  • SMIL 2.0: Extended support for the innovations proposed by the W3C synchronized multimedia workgroups through a new version of HTML + TIME.
  • Msxml3: Msxml3 now registers itself over any existing version of Msxml, with all calls to Msxml being redirected to Msxml3. Msxml3 is the first version of Msxml that fully complies with the W3C standards and supports XSL/T.
  • IFrame security: A new property has been added to the frame and IFrame elements: Security = 'restricted'. This new property has the option of moving the frame/IFrame into the restricted zone and thus making the security settings for this zone valid for the frame content. The main idea here is to prevent malicious scripts and ActiveX controls from running in a frame on web-based email applications.
  • Custom cursor: The user is now able to generate his own cursor, animated cursors are also within the realm of possibility. Internet Explorer supports .cur and .ani files. The appearance of the standard cursor has also been changed and is now adapted to CSS2. 'Onmousewheel' event: With this event it is possible to monitor the mouse wheel movements. Focus events: Two new events have been added: onfocusin and onfocusout.