First credible benchmarks of the GeForceFX?

First credible benchmarks of the GeForceFX?

nVidia kept graphics card lovers waiting for a long time. Delays followed delays and so the GeForceFX planned for 2002, called nV30, now became the spring 2003 product after its presentation in November Game PC manufacturer Alienware received, which is equipped with the award-winning GeForceFX.

A few small benchmarks have been run in advance, so that we can now get a first brief impression of the Performance of this chip can make. For comparison, a Radeon9700pro (also tested by us ) was allowed to compete in the same system.

The system is still silent on the specifications, but it can be assumed that Alienware Didn't mess up and only used the best of the best.

Direct comparison in the Alienware system
  • Quake3 Demo001:
    • GeForceFX
    • Radeon9700pro
  • UT2003 Asbestos-FlyBy:
    • GeForceFX
    • Radeon9700pro
  • 3DMark2001SE 'Nature & quot:
    • Radeon9700pro
    • GeForceFX

All tests should have run on 1600x1200 pixels in 32-bit color depth and with activated 2xFSAA.

It is interesting that despite the lower bandwidth of the GeForceFX, it can still sell so well even in such high settings. As with even higher onesFSAA and AF settings will be shown in the first thorough reviews.

The only real next-generation test 'Nature' that relies heavily on the fast execution of shader code by the graphics card and its driver , but surprisingly the Radeon can decide for itself.

Whether a trend is emerging here, or whether nVidia can go even further with optimized drivers, will soon become apparent, as will the general authenticity of these results.


As I only noticed now (shame on me!), a discussion on this topic has been going on in our forum !